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I hesitantly write this review as Coastal Winds is a hidden gem in the Bahamas that I want to keep to myself :> My group stay was over Christmas, arriving from frigid Wisconsin. The Ferguson’s had arranged for a local taxi driver, Jacob, to pick us up from the airport. We arrived after dark and were shocked at the cleanliness of the rooms. We have lived on many islands and it is normal to see mold, rust throughout the buildings. I swear they must have someone come behind each guest with a can of paint, the place is immaculate! Anyway, that was the first sock blown off, the second came when we stepped out the back door of the room. Words cannot convey how sweet this place is, your own private paradise. Heated pool, screened in hot tub and a fully stocked tiki bar with flat screen tv and sound system that is enviable. Needless to say, many of us had a few too many cocktails the first night :> The next morning we found hammocks throughout the property, a sandy area within the jungle with even more hammocks, in case you need some “me” time. We brought an ice chest with some grocery items and made a quick and exciting trip to the local supermarket. The full kitchens allowed us to prepare our own meals and we quickly put the huge gas grill to the test next to the pool. One in our group rented a car, which we used for quick trips to get some beer/spirits/food. For group ventures we mostly utilized Jacob, honest gentleman that was a plethora of island knowledge. On Christmas we went to service at a local Lutheran church and very much enjoyed the visit. We spent a day doing the touristy thing near Pleasure Island. Picked up some Cuban cigars, Tortuga rum and ate at Margaretville while watching the Packers play. After we went to Atlantis and visited the aquarium, after a certain time they allow entry for free; worth the trip, second to none. The last day we decided to go on a day trip to Exuma, it was a pricy adventure but turned out to be worth every penny. Fed Iguanas, swam with sharks, stingrays, had a barbeque on an island in the middle of nowhere. Tom Hanks would be looking for “Wilson” on this place. My desire is that this review will help guide your trip making plans. Vacations are great for rest, relaxation, family bonding, and spirit regeneration. All of which you are certain to get when you stay with the Ferguson’s at Coastal Winds. And no, I am not being paid to write this nor am I related to the Ferguson’s :> Thanks for everything guys, all vacations
Lisa C. - // Dec 22, 2015
If you're looking for local flavor and a private retreat this place is hands down the best place on the island. Great for either you and a loved one, a group of friends or the family! A private screened hot tub, private heated pool and private tiki bar with big screen you won't want to leave. This oasis makes a great hub for the island, very close to grocery stores and not far from the all sites and beaches on the island. The suites have full kitchens so cooking is easy. I recently brought 10 friends to celebrate my 40th birthday here and we really couldn't have found a better place. The owner Brenda has the best hospitality and will greet you with a reception upon arrival serving the best fried conch on the island, spicy wings and some great local cocktails. Brenda is really the best. We rented two cars and were able to see the whole island and stay away from the touristy cruise ship crowd. You really should not look any further for staying on this island. Brenda is truly the best. She also has a taxi guy named Jacob who can drop you off and pick you up on call to anywhere on the island. Coastal winds is hands down the greatest experience you can have in Nassau. I would definitely come back again just stay here.
Jess S. - // Nov 19, 2015
I stayed at the Coastal Winds Resort with my husband and our entire wedding party from 7/30-8/5/15. This place is amazing. Not only did the resort look exactly like the pictures, but the hospitality that was shown from Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson, their daughter, our driver (Mrs. Ferguson arranged a driver for us) and the Staff was incredible. We spent the majority of each day at the pool, the tiki bar and in the jacuzzi. Everyone had such a great time and cannot wait to return. The memories we (my husband and I and our friends & family) created while staying at Coastal Winds will be etched into my heart forever. Thank you Mrs. Ferguson for making a bride feel like a QUEEN!!! See you soon.....
ralecia m. - // Jul 30, 2015
We truly enjoyed Coastal Winds. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson, along with the staff were very welcoming, warm, and pleasant. The Ferguson were very attentive to our needs. We had a basketball which needed to be aired up, Mr. Ferguson not only bought a needle, he went and aired the ball up. We enjoyed all the amenities, hot tub, pool, tiki hut bar, wash-room, grille, and more. The surrounding sceneries were captivating. We felt at home, while on vacation. We had family that provided us with transportation which was a plus for us. We left planning our next visit.
Jerome W. - // Jun 6, 2015
I expected the palm trees and crystal blue waters, but I did not anticipate the genuine hospitality offered by the Ferguson Family. From the warm, inviting nature of homeowners Brenda, Larry and Larissa, to the highly knowledgable driver, Mr. Coleman; the sense of family, belonging and safety was never in question. I never second-guessed any of their advice, and they effortlessly created an environment that was immediately comfortable and welcoming. This genuine character is difficult to come by. I am grateful for their hospitality and for the family feel that was generated in their presence. I certainly recommend this property. This is a vacation that I will never forget. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Ferguson family and Mr. Coleman . Thank you for having us at Coastal Winds. Kat :)
Kathryn C. - // Mar 27, 2015
Hi! my 2 friends and me spent couple of days and we will remember our vacation on Bahamas very well&warm thanks the generous hospitality we got staying at Costal Winds. Surely we will recommend all of our friends, who are going to visit to Bahamas!
Anonymous - // Mar 6, 2015
I recently had the privilege of staying at the amazing home. My husband took me here for my 40th birthday, we were suppose to travel with friends but it ended up being just the 2 of us and I couldn't of asked for anything better. The entire property is immaculate!!! We also had a taxi driver that works with them to use whenever we needed! We got to enjoy this beautiful property all to ourselves!!! The best part of this property is when you rent it for you and your guests, its all yours for just you and your guests!! The owners are super friendly and very helpful! We actually got snowed in for an extra day and the owners had no problem allowing us to stay for an extra night. If you have the chance to visit the Bahamas this is the place to stay, far away from the hustle and bustle, yet close enough to go enjoy!!!
Christine F. - // Feb 10, 2015
Coastal Winds provides you with private resort accommodation. The property is extremely comfortable and well-maintained in quiet and safe surroundings. The staff and hosts are warm and attentive. Make sure to ask about Bahamian night if you want an authentic taste of the island's food and culture. Everything about Coastal Winds will exceed your expectations. Be prepared to not want to leave!
Chabeth H. - // Dec 22, 2014
I never imagined feeling so welcomed and right at home being in the Bahamas but after meeting the Furguson Family it felt just like that. Their property was clean beautiful and well maintained. I would recommend this to any one going to the Bahamas that would like. Nice peaceful getaway!! I hope someday to be able to bring my two children back so they can have the same experience!!! Thanks again
Kim W. - // Nov 22, 2014
The vision of this family for this vacation rental is breathtaking. Larry, Brenda, and their beautiful daughter, Larissa, are the most professional and kindest hosts with the purest hearts that I have ever experienced in all of my travels. Their suites are located on their personal private property. They were always readily available when needed showing nothing but beautiful smiles and genuine warmth. This family has not only envisioned and designed suites that creates a serene, relaxed, and island style home feeling, but an absolutely stunning, sophisticated, and luxurious environment throughout the entire property. The pictures they posted are awesome but seeing this property in real view is picturesque. If you want to be quiet and laidback, the hot tub, beautiful garden, comfortable chairs, and hammocks are right there for you to enjoy. But then again, if you choose to pump it up with excitement, music, and dancing you certainly have that option. Don't forget to ask Brenda and Larissa to give you a quick lesson on some of the Bahamian dance moves to get you started. . . LoL. This property was immaculate inside and out. I am one of those folks who take her own linen and towels when I travel. At Coastal Winds, I left those items packed and I showed without shower shoes. This place is a hidden jewel, a hidden paradise and worth every dollar that my sisters, nephew, and I spent. I have NO complaints about CW property. Just FYI, if you decide to sight see away from the property, make sure that you are clear with the driver what the rate is for EACH STOP or activity that you attend. We spent about $80-$100 dollars each day for his cab fare just getting out and returning to the property. That was one round trip fare. It is more if you stop at the grocery store, and he has to wait for you. Also make sure that you have small bills because he did not seem to keep change on him. He is very knowledgeable and friendly but a bit expensive.
Felicia J. - // Jul 23, 2014